The best way to describe coaching is with this old proverb:‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 

This means rather than providing solutions or answers to you for an immediate problem, we will ask questions and focus on leading you towards solutions which you discover yourself. It may be quicker and easier to give you solutions but that’s  not developing the self-awareness or critical thinking which are the tools required to solve problems when we are not around.

GROW model is a framework we leverage for working through a goal or challenge with you. We always ensure we focus on Coaching the individual and NOT the problem.

What does GROW look like in a Coaching Session?

Goal Image 1


• Identify a specific Goal. Must be SMART so it’s measurable.

• What do you want to use our session for?

• What does that look like?

• How will you know when you have achieved this?

Reality Image 2


• Identity what the current reality is, where are you in relation to the Goal.

• What is happening right now?

• What is standing in the way of you and preventing you from moving forward?

• How do you feel about your current situation?
Options  Image 3


• What are some of the options available to help you achieve the Goal.

• What ideas for things you could take action on do you have?

• What things could you do that you’re not currently doing?

• Who could help you?

Way Forward Image 4

Way Forward

• Which Options will you be taking to achieve the Goal.

• Which 2-3 Options will you move ahead with?

• When specifically will you take those actions?

• How committed are you to taking action?

Our coaching sessions will see us being the co-pilot, providing support, removing blockers, opening awareness, and asking questions, rather than trying to jump in and fly the plane by providing solutions.

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