The SLII Experience™

With business moving at a blistering pace, there’s more pressure than ever for leaders to be effective at leading successful teams. But often, they don’t have the skills to be the agile, adaptive leaders they need to be and struggle building meaningful connections with their people to drive results.

It’s not for lack of trying or wanting to be great leaders. Research has shown that most leaders use one leadership style—so they don’t know how to unleash the potential of their people. They need to learn how to lead situationally.

Blanchard’s SLII® empowers leaders to become adaptive—a requirement for our uncertain times. Backed by 40 years of research and an unmatched track record of results, The SLII ExperienceTM teaches your leaders how to lead situationally by giving their people the right support or direction at the right time.

SLII enables leaders to build deeper relationships—with their work, their company, and their colleagues—making every day more inspiring, motivating, and meaningful.
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Blanchard Mangement Essentials

Blanchard Management Essentials builds on the key concepts of the best-selling business book, The New One Minute Manager®.

Ideal for new manager training or as a refresher for veterans, it gives your people the necessary tools and training to become leaders who achieve the exceptional.

The program covers the essence of management skills training: the right mindset, core conversations, and communication skills needed to build positive relationships and make everyone more productive.

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Coaching Essentials

Most managers don’t understand how critical coaching is for the development, growth, and performance of their people.

Our leadership coaching program, Coaching Essentials®, teaches your managers how to effectively coach their employees—not just manage them—to increase productivity, create an environment of trust and autonomy, and deliver better bottom-line results.
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Self Leadership

We know how important it is to the success of your company that every employee be empowered, proactive, and committed to achieving results.

Our Self Leadership development program teaches individuals at all levels of your organization how to become empowered self leaders who accept responsibility and take initiative for their own success.
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Legendary Service

Every day, with every customer interaction, you have an opportunity to either build loyalty or lose a customer. While most companies recognize the importance of customer service to their success, it’s still so remarkable when we receive truly great service.

Our Legendary Service® customer service training program teaches your managers and front-line service providers how to consistently deliver ideal service that will keep your internal AND external customers coming back and create a competitive edge for your organisation

Building Trust

Trust is at the heart of every relationship, and it’s especially critical in the workplace. In fact, the primary factor affecting employee turnover is whether or not a trusting relationship was developed between the manager and the employee.

Our Building Trust workshop teaches your managers how to build trust to increase engagement, creativity, and commitment.

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Team Leadership

High-performance teams allow your organization to bring together the multiple skills, strengths, and experiences of its members to solve complex organizational problems, execute more quickly, make better decisions, enhance creativity, and produce consistently superior results.

Blanchard's leadership and team building training course will teach your team leaders the specific skills needed to improve collaboration, innovation, and effectiveness of their teams.
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Conversational Capacity

Conversational Capacity® teaches people how to engage in constructive, learning-focused dialogue when challenging topics or conflicts arise so they can make informed decisions and find the best solutions, even under high pressure.

That’s where difficult exchanges turn into learning opportunities and unfocused meetings become innovation incubators.
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Leading People Through Change

The most successful companies stay ahead of the competition by making change a part of their corporate culture.

Leaders who know how to lead organisational change proactively surface and address employees’ concerns and involve them throughout the process—and that moves the entire organisation forward.

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Servant Leadership

The best work relationships are partnerships. They require collaboration between the leader and the direct report regarding communication, working style, feedback, direction, and support.

But many leaders become so intent on meeting the organization’s needs that they lose sight of the needs and aspirations of their people. When leaders care for their people and help them develop, employees are engaged and productive.

Blanchard’s Servant Leadership Essentials™ program teaches leaders how to build trust, listen, and give and receive feedback in ways that bring out the best in their people.

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